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Path Survey & Design


 The process of designing microwave radio network can be very complex. Advanced Point Solutions can handle the entire process for you, effortlessly delivering to you a fully operational and interference-free microwave system.
Designing a Microwave Communications System for you proceeds following a logical order of steps and processes

Band Selection

Selecting the right frequency band is crucial to the technical specifications and financial success of your system design. Technical specifications impact reliability and capacity and overall system cost. We follow and understand the requirements and pending regulatory proceedings that could limit or prohibit your use of a particular
frequency band and your expansion and growth potential. 


Site Selection

The site selection process determines where antennas need to be located, as well as the number of sites needed to relay a signal successfully between two points. A line-of-sight analysis is used to pinpoint obstacles and minimize the number of sites needed. 



Equipment Selection

After we have identified the required frequency band and sites, we assist you in selecting antenna and radio equipment to be used on your path.